Suja Probiotic Water Review

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So we want the health benefits of Probiotics without having to eat Fruit ALL the time right?

Suja Probiotics in water was the answer for me and my family.  I just didn’t have time to eat fruits ALL the time as I have 3 kids and a Husband to look-after. I am always on the move so I had to really think to myself “where is the best place to buy probiotic water?” so…went a step further and used Amazon. Why? Because I found it difficult to find in all my local stores and of course Amazon is cheaper since I looked up how much it sells for in Walmart.

The taste takes a while to get used too but I have got used to it already after a week.

You can find a video by Chanel A. Mitchell who also went on a 3 day Suja health diet.





So In my opinion as a working mom its a great time-saver.

My first time giving a Review like this but I wanted to contribute to Dr. Bendini and this site.

I give it 4/5 

Already I feel the benefits of easier bathroom breaks and more energy.




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