Does Eating Probiotics Make you Constipated?

Does Eating Probiotics Make you Constipated
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After emphasizing a lot  about much the term diarrhea, and saying that probiotics can solve this problem, one might think that probiotics make passing stools harder. So, a good question is whether or not probiotics can make you constipated as a side effect? The short answer is a clear “no”.

As we discussed before, diarrhea is one of the defenses our gastrointestinal system has to swipe away infection in the gut. When probiotic strains take over, there’s no space left in your intestinal lining for harmful bacteria, and your organism will not develop diarrhea to take away infection. But that doesn’t mean that probiotics increase the absorption of water in the colon to make stools harder. What’s more, there’s no scientific study that links probiotics with constipation, because that’s just not the way it works.

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